Since Judith died, this site has not been updated, so here is a little background info..

As some of you may know, Judith got married to her long time partner M Green. She died only two days later of a stroke.

Because she had not changed her Will before her death, the Will was null and void.

Because of this we are unable to promote her work, or update the site.

She left all of her possessions, house and money to M Green. She left her work, copyright, lending rights, royalties etc to her four children.

Martin has decided too keep everything for himself, although he told us many times that he would honor Judith's Will, he did not.

Judith would have called off the marriage if she had even a clue that this was the case. It seems that the law is an ass, and for one who spent many years campaigning for peoples rights, it is truly sad that this has come to pass.

Big Love

Nick Cook. 20-01-2006

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